You Can't Hide Your Love Forever v​.​5

by Landing



In 2007 we were contacted by Farbod from Geographic North about contributing to their 7" series. We were honored that they asked but since 2005 we hadn't been making music at all. Lucky for us, Farbod kept on us about it and sparked a renewed interest in making music that continues to today. Thanks Farbod, Bobby, Lee, and Farzad!!

From Foxy Digitalis:
“…paints a gentle, steady portrait, utilizing hushed vocals, marching snares and cloudy guitars, coming close to some of Yo La Tengo's quieter moments.” “…forgoes rhythm and vocals for a sweetly burning drone featuring heavy delay and some sounds in reverse. …it's exactly the type of piece that's transformative once you immerse yourself in it, and it's a prime of example of why I adore Landing.”

From 7 Inches:
“The slow tension buildup, sounding kind of classically influenced…it's really reminding me of Locrian or Godspeed you… like on the B-Side with 'Following Daylight'…those slow, shifting layers of sound fading in and out. Just a huge black wall, you can't see the ends or top, it's just closing in.”


released December 31, 2008

Geographic North GN07



all rights reserved


Landing New Haven, Connecticut

“If you're not yet familiar with Landing, I encourage you to fill up the peace pipe and figure it the fuck out.”

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